11th Coastal Altimetry Workshop (CAW-11) - ESA/ESRIN Frascati, 12-14 June 2018

    DAY I (13 June) First Author
9.00-9.40   Opening Sesssion  
9.00-9.10 1 Introduction by Jérôme Benveniste  
9.10-9.30 2 Overview of Coastal Altimetry Workshop achievements P. Cipollini
9.30-9.40 3 Sentinel-3A/B Status Update (ESA)  
9.40-10.20   Session 1A: Technical Issues in Coastal Altimetry - Retracking  
    Compared performances of current altimetry missions over coastal areas P. Thibaut, M. Raynal, M. Ablain, F. Boy, N. Picot, T. Guinle, P. Femenias
    Two Years of Coastal SAR and PLRM Altimetry in the North East Atlantic with Sentinel-3A and CryoSat-2 S. Dinardo, L. Fenoglio, C. Buchhaupt, R. Scharroo, M.J. Fernandes, M. Becker, J. Benveniste
10.20-10.50   Coffee Break  
10.50-12.10   Session 1A: Technical Issues in Coastal Altimetry - Retracking (cont'd)  
  1 Validation of a global dataset based on subwaveform retracking: improving the precision of pulse-limited satellite altimetry M . Passaro, W.H.F. Smith, C. Schwatke, G. Piccioni, D. Dettmering
  2 Assessing Sentinel-3 Wave Height Records in the Coastal Zone F. Nencioli, G. Quartly, D. Conley
  3 Coastal Improvements for Tide Models: the Impact of ALES Retracker G. Piccioni, D. Dettmering, M. Passaro, C. Schwatke, W. Bosch, F. Seitz
  4 Bathymetry Improvement and Tidal Modelling at Regional Scales in the NEA and in Indonesia M. Cancet, F. Toublanc, F. Lyard, G. Dibarboure, T. Guinle
12.10-12.30    S1 Poster Flashes (2 mn - 2 slides )  
  1 Contribution of waveform decontamination for improving coastal altimetric sea surface heights H. Wang, Y. Chu, C.K. Shum
  2 An Assessment of a Coastal Altimetry Data Product in the Indonesian Waters J. Lumban-Gaol, S. Vignudelli, R. Leben, D. Adrian, O. Takahiro, I. Nurjaya, B.P. Pasaribu
  3 Improvement of the Arctic Ocean Bathymetry and Regional Tide Atlas – a CP4O Initiative M. Cancet, O. Andersen, D. Cotton, J. Benveniste
  4 Sentinel-3 SAR Altimetry over Coastal and Open Ocean: performance assessment and improved retrieval methods in the ESA SCOOP Project D. Cotton, T. Moreau, M. Raynal, E. Makhoul, M. Cancet, L. Fenoglio-Marc, M. Naeije, M.J. Fernandes, C. Lazaro, A. Shaw, M. Restano, A. Ambrosio, J. Benveniste
  5 Comparison of Altimetric Datasets Along the Greenland Coast  J. Hausman, I. Fenty, J. Nilsson, K. Madsen, P. Knudsen
  6 Coastal Retracking Using Along-Track Waveform Echograms in Seas of Indonesia K. Ichikawa, X. Wang
12.30-12.50   Discussion on the Technical Issues in Coastal Altimetry  (Session 1A) ALL
12.50-14.00   Lunch  
14.00-15.40   Session 1B: Technical Issues in Coastal Altimetry - Corrections, Calibration & Products  
  1 Impact of Geophysical Corrections on Altimetry Sea Level Estimations Near the Coast F. Birol, F. Niño, F. Léger, F. Blarel
  2 On the need for high-rate range corrections for satellite altimetry studies over coastal and inland water regions J. Fernandes, N. Pires, T. Vieira, E. Vieira, C. Lázaro
  3 The High-Resolution Microwave Radiometer (HRMR) on Sentinel-6:  Measuring Path Delay in the Coastal Zone S. Brown, A. Tanner, S. Padmanabhan, I. Ramos, P. Kangaslahti, 
  4 Calibrating SAR SSH of Sentinel 3A and CryoSat-2 over the Corsica facilities P. Bonnefond, O. Laurain, T. Guinle, N. Picot, P. Féménias
  5 From Level-2 Algorithms to High-Resolution Altimeter Products to Better Observe Ocean Dynamics in Coastal Areas Y. Faugere, M-I. Pujol, M. Ablain, C. Ubelmann, C. Dufau, N. Picot, G. Dibarboure
15.40-15.50   Discussion on the Technical Issues in Coastal Altimetry (Session 1B) ALL
15.50-16.20   Coffee Break  
16.20-17.20   Session 2A: Application of Coastal Altimetry Data  
  1 Investigating altimeter and tide-gauge sea level differences with CryoSat-2 and Sentinel-3A  L. Fenoglio, S. Dinardo, C. Buchhaupt, B. Uebbing, R. Scharroo, M.J. Fernandes, J. Kusche, M. Becker, J. Benveniste
  2 Validity of Sentinel-3 SAR wind and wave data near the coast S. Abdalla, J-R. Bidlot
  3 Detection of Intraeasonal Oscillations in the Indian Ocean from Satellite Altimetry  S. Bulusu, C. Trott, VSN Murty
17.20-17.50   S2 Poster Flashes (2 mn - 2 slides )  
      S. Clerc, S. Vignudelli, C. Bevy, E. Tuhoy
      M. Grgic, R.S. Nerem, T. Basic 
  1 Absolute Water Levels At The Estuary Of The Karnaphuli River (Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh) : Comparison Between Sea / River Surface Heights Gained By GNSS Survey And Satellite Altimetry In Coastal Environment M. Ishaque, S. Calmant, D. Moreira, F. Durand, L. Testut, Y. Krien, V. Ballu, F. Papa
  2 Evaluation of Coastal Sea Level Change near Hong Kong from Jason-2 Altimetry X. Xu, F. Birol, A. Cazenave 
  3 Last Developments and Perspectives of the X-TRACK Regional Altimeter Products F. Léger, F. Birol, F. Niño, S. Fleury, M. Passaro
  4 On the use of Sentinel-3A SRAL altimeter waveforms at the finest posting rate (80 Hz) for the detection of ships J. Gomez-Enri, R. Mulero, S. Vignudelli, A. Scozzari
  5 Sea Level anomalies and mesoscale activity using altimetry along the African coats in the eastern tropical Atlantic ocean (OSTST Alti-ETAO project) H.B. Dieng, I. Dadou, F. Léger, F. Birol, F. Lyard, Y. Morel, A. Chaigneau
  6 Inter-Comparison of Different Altimetric Datasets through Spectral Analysis : Application to the Dynamics of Bay of Biscay and New Caledonia M-L. Dabat, N. Ayoub, F. Marin, L. Gourdeau, G. Sérazin, F. Léger, F. Birol
  7 The First Results of Monitoring the Ice Cover of the Sea of Okhotsk in 2015-2016 according to the Measurements of the Radar Cross Section at Small Incidence Angles M. Riabkova, V. Karaev, A. Maksimov
  8 Synergy between coastal altimetry data and land-based High-Frequency (HF) radars F. Oliveira, P.L. Mazzini
  9 Coastal Region Applications from Satellite Altimetry Missions M. Srinivasan, A. De Charon
  10 Use of Satellite Altimetry and Moderate Resolution Imaging Technology of Flood Extent to Support Seasonal Outlooks of Nuisance Flood Risk along United States Coastlines and Managed Areas V. Ransi, D. Pirhalla, S. Sheridan
  11 Tracking of Eddy Propagation in the Southern Luzon Strait A.L. Del Rosario, C.L. Amedo-Repollo, C. Villanoy
17.50-20.00   Ice breaker cocktail (Poster)  
    DAY II (14 June) First Author   Session 2A: Application of Coastal Altimetry Data (cont'd)  
  1 Multi-Scale Analysis and Applications of Coastal Altimetry Observations Over the Ligurian sea  M. Meloni, A. Doglioli, A. Petrenko, J. Bouffard, G. Valladeau
  2 Satellite Altimetry And Tide Gauge Data in Local Vertical Datum Unification R. Reyes, R. Forsberg
  3 Coastal Altimetry for Ocean applications in the Strait of Gibraltar J. Gomez-Enri, S. Vignudelli, A. Izquierdo, M. Passaro, C.J. Gonzalez, P. Cipollini, M. Bruno, O. Alvarez, R. Mañanes
  4 Combining coastal altimetry data with in-situ and land-based remote data for improving the monitoring of the dynamics in the southeastern Bay of Biscay A. Caballero, A. Rubio, M.H. Rio, N. Ayoub, J. Mader, G. Larnicol, I. Manso-Narvarte, C. Dufau
  5 Coastal Altimetry activities on the Coastal Thematic Exploitation Platform S. Clerc, S. Vignudelli, C. Bevy, E. Tuhoy
10.40-11.10   Coffee Break  
11.10-12.50   Session 2B: Application of Coastal Altimetry Data - Sea Level, Currents & Data Assimilation  
  1 Regional sea-level trends and variability from altimetry and tide gauges at the northern Australian coast Z. Gharineiat, X. Deng
  2 Progress in the Validation of Coastal Sea Level Rates using Coastal Altimetry products  A. Shaw, F. Mir Calafat, N. Dayoub
  3 Relevance of submesoscale surface currents and high-resolution sea surface heights in a coastal region S.Y. Kim
  4 The performance of satellite altimetry currents in a wide continental shelf L.S. Lago, M. Saraceno, P. Martos, R. Guerrero, A. Piola, C. Provost
  5 ALES on Co-ReSyF: a Platform for Easy and Efficient Access to Coastal Altimetry Data N. Dayoub, P. Cipollini, H. Snaith, V. Byfield 
12.50-14.00   Lunch  
14.00-15.00   Session 2B: Application of Coastal Altimetry Data - Sea Level, Currents & Data Assimilation (cont'd)  
  1 Impact of the assimilation of high-resolution and high-frequency data in a regional model M. Benkiran, E. Rémy, J-M. Iellouche, C. Dufau
  2 Data assimilation of along-track Sea Level Anomaly on Regional Ocean Modeling System Z. Wang, G. Lyu, H. Wang, G. Liu
  3 Assimilation of High-Resolution Altimetry in a Canadian East Coast Forecasting System  M. Benkiran, C. Dufau, G. Smith, Y. Liu, F. Davidson
15.00-15.40   Discussion on the Applications of Coastal Altimetry (Sessions 2A & 2B) ALL
15.40-16.10   Coffee Break  
16.10-17.30   Session 3: Synergistic and Climate Studies  
  1 Coastal Currents Along The Yucatan Peninsula J.A. Kurczyn Robledo, C.M. Appendini, X. Flores, G. Posada
  3 Assessment and Calibration of Century Based Wind and Wave Climate Data Record in Coastal Zone using Radar Altimeter Data S. Abdalla, B. Ozbahceci, A. R. Turgut, A. Bozoklu
  3 Climate variability and trends of coastal currents off Atlantic Canada from satellite altimetry G. Han, N. Chen
  4 Southwestern Atlantic currents from in-situ and satellite altimetry M. Saraceno, G. Paniagua, L. Lago, C. Artana, R. Ferrari, A. Piola, C. Provost, R. Guerrero
17.30-18.00   S3 Poster Flashes (2 mn - 2 slides )  
  1 Philippine Sea Level Responses to Intraseasonal, Seasonal and Interannual Variabilities in the tropical Western Pacific Region A. Gallentes, A. Punongbayan, C. Repollo
  2 Long Term Sea Level Changes from Satellite Altimetry used in Geographical Multicriteria Analysis to support Coastal Planning S. Gorelli, J. Gómez-Enri, M. Rotonda, S. Vignudelli
  3 An assessment of the quality of the ESA Sea Level CCI products in the coastal zone of the Northern Adriatic Sea using tide gauge measurements and coastal altimetry products S. Vignudelli, F. De Biasio, A. Scozzari, S. Zecchetto
  4 Investigating a slope water intrusion event into the Gulf of Maine – parallel assessment using a data assimilative regional ocean model and new satellite salinity observations D. Vandemark, S. Grodsky, J. Levin, J. Wilkin, H. Feng
  5 An Evaluation of Present-Day Sea Level Change in the Black Sea by Considering of Steric and Mass Components N.B. Avsar, S.H. Kutoglu
  6 The Importance of Altimetry Data on Deciphering Brazil Current Core Velocities and Corresponding Volume Transport I. Pita, M. Cirano, M. Mata, M. Lima
  7 Investigation of relationship between lake coastline change and climatic factors using satellite images: a case study Burdur Lake (Turkey) Ş. Şener, E. Şener, A. Davraz
  8 Coastline change assessment on the shallow lakes in Kızılırmak Delta (Turkey) using Worldview-2 and Landsat satellite images time series E. Şener, S. Şener, M. Güler
18.00-18.30   Poster Session and Cocktail  
19.30-22.30   Social Dinner [No-Host]  
    DAY III (15 June) First Author
9.00-9.20   Coastal Altimetry for Sea_Level_cci & Sea_Level_Budget_Closure_cci SL_cci and SLBC_cci Projects
9.20-10.40   Session 3: Synergistic and Climate Studies (cont'd)  
  1 Trends and variability in coastal sea state and sea level from the CCI+ Sea State project C. Gommenginger, N. Dayoub, F. Wimmer, A. Shaw, C. Banks, F. Calafat, H. Snaith, M. Srokosz, E. Ash
  2 Application of satellite altimetry as a tool for managing coastal risk in Mozambique,  Madagascar and South Africa D. Cotton, A. Becker, V. Byfield, F. Calafat, N. Dayoub
  2 Normalized Radar Cross Section and Slope Variance Measured Over Inland Water Bodies M. Panfilova, V. Karaev
  4 Estimating Sea Level Variations due to Greenland Ice Sheet Melting S. Stolzenberger, R. Rietbroek, J. Kusche
10.40-11.10   Discussion on Synergistic and Climate Studies (Session 3) and Coastal Altimetry for Climate ALL
11.10-11.40   Coffee Break and Final Look at Posters  
11.40-12.10   Report from Session Chairs (10’ each)  
12.10-13.30   Final Discussion, Recommendations and Closing Remarks