Summary of the 5CA-WS is now available

A detailed summary of the various sessions of the 5th Coastal Altimetry Workshop, San Diego, 16-18 October 2011, is now available.

The summary also includes a revised version error budget table for coastal altimetry, originally suggested by Ted Strub and Walter Smith; this is a working table which will hopefully be updated as the science of coastal altimetry becomes more and more accurate, for instance with the development of new corrections.

The summary has been collated by Paolo Cipollini and Jérôme Benveniste with the inputs of all the session chairs and its aim is to constitute a reference document for future development of coastal altimetry and for the next editions of the Workshop.

The 6th Workshop is planned for September 20-12, 2012; the  venue is still TBD but  it will be in a location in Northern Italy not far from Venice.