CAW-9 reinforces role and relevance of Coastal Altimetry

The conveniently located suburban town of Reston, Virginia, hosted the 9th edition of the Coastal Altimetry Workshop (CAW-9). The community gathered for a fruitful discussion on the latest technical advancements, applications and prospects for coastal altimetry. The science showcased at the workshop highlighted once more the role and relevance of coastal altimetry for altimetry as a whole. The forthcoming launch of Sentinel-3A and the preparation for future missions such as Sentinel-6/Jason-CS and SWOT reinforce this relevance.

The workshop was attended by 83 scientists in representation of 15 countries, and was opened by a solicited talk by Eric Lindstrom of NASA on the synergies between the NASA Sea Level Change Team and the Coastal Altimetry Community.

All PDFs will go online soon on the Workshop Programme page