Faculdade de Ciencias, Universidade do Porto
Porto, Portugal, 14-15 October 2010
Day 1 - Thursday, October 14, 2010
08:00-08:40   Registration and Poster Mounting
08:40-09:00   Opening session
09:00–11:00 Session 1 - Update and continued discussion on the technical issues in coastal altimetry Session Chairs: Remko Scharroo, Xiaoli Deng
09:00-09:20 International Efforts to enable Science with Coastal Altimetry Cipollini, Paolo
09:20-09:40 Comapi: New Regional Tide Solutions and high Frequency Dynamical Atmospheric Correction Cancet, Mathilde
09:40-10:00 Empirical Coastal Ocean Tide Modelling and Accuracy Evaluations Fok, Hok Sum
10:00-10:20 Performance of the Mixed-Pixel Retrieval Algorithm Brown, Shannon
10:20-10:40 GPD - towards a Global Implementation Fernandes, Joana
10:40-11:00 Session 1 - Discussion
11:00–11:20  Coffee Break  
11:20-13:20 Session 2 - Recent progress on waveform retracking in coastal regions  Session Chairs: Philippa Berry, Walter Smith
11:20-11:40 Simulation and Retracking of Waveforms in Coastal Scenarios Callahan, Philip
11:40-12:00 Global Retracking of Ocean Altimeter Data; Enhancements in the Coastal Zone Berry, Philippa A. M.
12:00-12:20 Dimming the Effect of Bright Targets Quartly, Graham
12:20-12:40 A Multi-Peak Model for Peaky Altimetric Waveforms Thibaut, Pierre
12:40-13:00 Using HF Radar Coastal Currents to correct Satellite Altimetry + movie1 + movie2 Emery, William
13:00-13:20 Session 2 - Discussion 
13:20–14:50  Lunch  
14:50-16:50 Session 3 - Use of data from the various processing and/or reprocessing exercises: PISTACH, COASTALT, REAPER, ESA CCI  Session Chairs: William Emery, Stefano Vignudelli
14:50-15:10 The new Coastal Altimetry Products from the COASTALT Project Snaith, Helen
15:10-15:30 Use of Pistach Products for Coastel Studies Dufau, Claire
15:30-15:50 Coastal Altimetry at the Centre de Topographie des Oceans et de L'Hydrosphere (CTOH)   Birol, Florence
15:50-16:10 Reprocessing of Altimeter Products for ERS : The Reaper Project Féménias, Pierre
16:10-16:30 Near Real-Time Alongtrack Altimeter Sea Level Anomalies: Options Strub, Ted
16:30-16:50 Session 3 - Discussion 
16:50-17:20  Coffee Break  
17:20-19:00   Poster Session 
19:00 ESA Welcome reception
Day 2 - Friday, October 15, 2010
08:30-10:10 Session 4 - Methods to Inter-Compare Altimetry and Tide Gauge Data Session Chairs: Phillip Woodworth, Luciana Fenoglio
08:30-08:50 Integration of Sea Level Data from Tide Gauge and Satellite Altimetry for Coastal Sea Level Prediction Andersen, Ole
08:50-09:10 In-Situ and Altimeter SSH Comparisons Dufau, Claire
09:10-09:30 Inter-Comparison of Tide Gauge and Satellite Altimetry for Long-term Sea Level Change in the Indonesian Region Nurmaulia, Sella Lestari
09:30-09:50 Altimetry Observations in the Gulf of Maine and Middle Atlantic Bight Region Vandemark, Doug
09:50-10:10 Session 4 - Discussion  
10:10-10:50  Coffee Break  
10:50-12:05 Session 5 - Coastal currents and sea level variation   Session Chairs: Kaoru Ichikawa, Martin Saraceno
10:50-11:10 Fine-Resolution Altimetry Data for a Regional Application in the Bay of Biscay Dussurget, Renaud
11:10-11:30 Examining the Transition between OSCAR Global Surface Currents and Coastal Circulation Fields + animation Dohan, Kathleen
11:30-11:50 Variations in Current Path of the Tsushima Warm Current revealed by Altimetry and drifting Buoy Data Morimoto, Akihiko
11:50-12:05 Session 5 - Discussion
12:05-13:20 Session 6 - Wind and wave effects on Coastal altimetry  Session Chairs: Fabrice Collard, Christine Gommenginger, Doug Vandemark
12:05-12:25 Coastal Sea Sates, Modeling and Observations Ardhuin, Fabrice
12:25-12:45 Wind and Waves in Coastal Area as observed by Synthetic Aperture Radar, Consequence for Coastal Altimetry Collard, Fabrice
12:45-13:05 Assessment of Wave heights from ENVISAT using a Regionally-Validated Wave Model for the North-East Atlantic Barbosa, Susana
13:05-13:20 Session 6 – Discussion
13:20-14:50  Lunch  
14:50-17:40 Session 7 - Assimilating satellite altimetry observations in simulations over coastal regions including moderate to strong tidal regimes Session Chairs: Emanuel Coelho, John Wilkin
14:50-15:10 Variational Data Assimilation of Along-Track Altimeter Data in the Middle Atlantic Bight Zavala-Garay, Javier
15:10-15:30 Internal Tides in a Global Ocean Circulation Model: Generation and Propagation into the Coastal Ocean Richman, James
15:30-15:50 An Error Covariance Model for Multivariate Data Assimilation in Tidal Regimes   Yaremchuk, Maksim
15:50-16:10 A Regional Set of Tide-Level Maps for the West Iberian Coast Bos, Machiel
16:10-16:30 Variational Assimilation of Satellite Altimetry in a Coastal Ocean Model off Oregon + movie1 + movie2   Kurapov, Alexander
16:30-16:50 Real-Time Ocean Forecasting Systems off the U.S. West Coast Chao, Yi
16:50-17:10 Session 7 - Discussion
17:10 -17:40 Coffee break  
17:40-18:50 Session 8 - Emerging applications  Session Chairs: Ted Strub, Joana Fernandes
17:40-18:00 Altimeter as an Imager of the Surface Backscatter in Coastal Regions + movie Tournadre, Jean
18:00-18:20 Monitoring Coastal Erosion Using Satellite Altimetry, GPS, and Terrestrial Laser Scanning on Galveston Island, Texas Ali, Ibraheem
18:20-18:40 How to combine Altimetric Techniques with Gliders in Order to monitor 3D Mesoscale and Submesoscale Processes? Bouffard, Jérôme
18:40-18:50 Session 8 - Discussion
18:50 Closing Session
20:00 Dinner
Poster Session
1- Update and continued discussion on the technical issues in coastal altimetry
P1.01  The COASTALT Processor for Coastal altimetry Gleason, Scott   
P1.02  Comapi: A New Global Low Frequency Dynamical Atmospheric Correction Cancet, Mathilde
P1.03  The Impact of ECMWF Model Evolutions on Geophysical Corrections for Altimetry Scharroo, Remko
2 - Recent progress on waveform retracking in coastal regions
P2.01  Bayes Linear Retracking in the Coastal Zone Challenor, Peter
P2.02  Improved Retracking Algorithm for Oceanic Altimeter Waveforms Bao, Lifeng
P2.03  Retracking Jason-2 Waveforms over the California Coastal Ocean Deng, Xiaoli
3 - Use of data from the various processing and/or reprocessing exercises: PISTACH, COASTALT, REAPER, ESA CCI
P3.01  Advances on the Coastal Envisat RA-2 Data Validation in the Gulf of Cadiz (Spain) Gomez-Enri, Jesus
P3.02  Characterizing the Coastal Circulation in the NW Mediterranean Sea using dedicated high Resolution Coastel Altimetry Roblou, Laurent
P3.03  Frequency-Dependent Comparison of Satellite Altimetry and Tide Gauge Measurements Barbosa, Susana
P3.04  Interferometric GPS SSH Measurements in the Tsushima Strait Ichikawa, Kaoru
P3.05  Towards Improvements on Sea Surface Height Satellite Products on the Patagonian Shelf Saraceno, Martin
P3.06  Comparison of Altimeter Along Track SSH Anomaly Data from RADS, CTOH, AVISO and PISTACH, off the Indian Coasts Yenamandra, Somayajulu
4 - Methods to Inter-Compare Altimetry and Tide Gauge Data
P4.01  Coastal Sea-Level Variability in the North-East Atlantic from the Synergy of Satellite Altimetry and Tide Gauge Data Barbosa, Susana
P4.02 Quality Checking and Validation of Coastal Altimetry: Strategy and Preliminary Results Vignudelli, Stefano
P4.03  Tide Gauge Calibrations and the Radar Altimeter Database System Leuliette, Eric
P4.05  Comparison between Altimetry and Tide Gauge at Kerguelen Island Testut, Laurent
5 - Coastal currents and sea level variation 
P5.01   Zonal patterns in the California Current System from SST Buckingham, Christian
P5.02   Modelling Upwelling and Cross-Shore Transport Interannua Variability in the Humboldt Current System Combes, Vincent
P5.03  Variability of Coastal Circulation north of New Guinea using Along-Track Altimetry Léger, Fabien
P5.04 Vector-Algebraic Method of Analysis of Geostrophic Current, calculated by use Satellite Altimetry Data May, Ruslan
P5.05 Sea Level Variability from the Arctic Coastal Regions derived from Altimeter Data and Tide Gauges Bondo, Torsten
P5.06 Wave-Like Annual Perturbations in Sea Level Elevation as Stationary-Advancing Waves Foux, Victor
P5.07 Alongtrack Altimelter Sea Level Anomalies off the Coast of India Dhage, Laxmikant
P5.08 Variability of the Sea Surface Level in the North Pacific from Satellite Altimetry Data Belonenko, Tatyana V.
P5.09   The Use of Spherical Wavelets in Coastal Geoid Determination Shafiei Joud, Seyed Mehdi
P5.10 Thermal Impact of the Coastal Waves in the Coastal African upwelling Areas Peter, Anne-Charlotte
P5.11   Altimetric Detection of Intraseasonal Kelvin Waves in the North Pacific Coastal Waveguide Strassburg, Mathew
6 -  Wind and wave effects on Coastal altimetry
P.6.01   Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions in the Humboldt Current System Putrasahan, Dian
7 -  Assimilating satellite altimetry observations in simulations over coastal regions including moderate to strong tidal regimes
P.7.01  The DTU10 Ocean Tide Model and Validation over the Northwest European Shelf Region Cheng, Yongcun
P.7.02  Toward Assimilative Capabilities in the Presence of Tidal Flows, Complex Topography and Boundary Currents Le Hénaff, Matthieu
8 -  Emerging applications
P.8.01   An Oceanographic Forecasting System for the NE Atlantic Couvelard, Xavier
P.8.02   The GlobWave Pilot Wave Forecast Verification Scheme Snaith, Helen
P.8.03   Coastal Altimetry Techniques for the Determination of Satellite Altimeter Bias at Gavdos Mertikas, Stelios
P.8.04   Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Tracking Meddies with Altimetry Data Bashmachnikov, Igor
P.8.05   Radar Altimetry over the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Smith, Walter
P.8.06   Evaluation of Altimeter Observations and Model Forecasts of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Miller, Laury
9 -  Complementary Studies 
P.9.01  The Concept of the Scanning Radar with Knife-Like Beam for Remote Sensing of the Ocean at small Incidence Angles Karaev, Vladimir